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Triner 600E-P Portable Airport Check-in Baggage Scales

Triner's redesigned hand-portable baggage scale sets the new standard for ease of use. Model 600E-P Hand-Portable Baggage Scale easily rolls to location with minimum effort. Completely portable and self contained. High location of readout and control panel makes for easy reading and easy access. Eliminates the inconvenience of forklifting conventional baggage weighing equipment to aircraft locations. Eliminates the inconvenience and stress of lifting and carrying conventional hand-portable scales.

Portable Baggage Scale
Digital Airport bags scale


Model 600E-P Hand-Portable Airport Baggage Scale

Capacity 300 or 500 lb capacity
  • Stainless steel platform 
  • Corrosion resistant
Certification NTEP Approved
  • Engineered and constructed to withstand heavy usage and harsh conditions
  • Weather tight enclosure
  • NEMA 4X-washdown
  • Lightweight, sturdy aluminum construction (optional)
Digital Displays

Multifunction digital indicator features stainless steel enclosure and large LCD display for easy reading.

Power Requirements
  • AC/DC operation; charger included 
  • Internal battery; 48 hours Auto shut off after 15 minutes of non-use
Operating Range -35º F to 120º F
Finish Frame: Black Epoxy Coating


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